Too Much Bad Moodness to Post

Never thought I'd say this out loud, but the way things have been going for the past few months - nay, the year of 2009 - has left me with little time or energy to string enough words together to write coherent blog posts. Me, at a loss for words?! Giddoutahere, I hear you mutter as you suppress giggles. Some consider it a mixed blessing when I do run out of things to say and pithy ways to say 'em.

Never fear. I'll be back, grumpier than ever.

I Better Get Started NOW

If I'm going to run for office in four years, I better start making plans. I have a list of campaign promises prepared, and I will release them to my ardent followers as time passes.

So, I solemnly swear that, if elected:

I will lower Artificially Boosted Expectations across the Board.
I will Fix the Skool Sistem.
I will not impose a 140% Federal Income Tax.
I will institute National Wealth Care - Bailouts for Everyone!
I will stand on a Platform of Personal Responsibility.
You're Each Responsible for this Mess.
I will not campaign in Wisconsin unless wearing a Cheesehead Hat.
I will know which Continent the Amazon River is.
I will know which Continent the Company called Amazon is based in.
I will not confuse the Two Amazons.
I will not ask for more funding for Killer Bee Immigration Paperwork.
I will eat broccoli. Twice.
I will not change the White House China Pattern (more than once).
I will not drive a Maserati through Ely, Nevada.
I will insist on Free Worcestershire Sauce on Tuesdays.
I will not change the National Anthem to God Save the Queen.
I will not insist on being addressed as Your Royal Majesty, Queen of the Colonies.
I will listen to Queen.
I will learn to spell Worcestershire without Backspacing.

More to follow as we get closer to campaign time.
Bless your hearts.

Surprise Surprise It's Politics

You might think that, with all the politics flying through the air, I'd be grumpier in this past few months. I'm not. I think pre-election campaign television rates just two steps above soap opera, and two steps below soap opera in believability.

On November 4th, someone will be President. Someone will be Vice President. Someone else won't be.

Many someone elses, for that matter. And on November 5th, the towering gods we refer to as Mass Media will have to find something else to do (well, once all the post-game analysis is out of the way).

Bless their hearts. Maybe I should run in four years.